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Sol Acoustics
sol acoustics

Building envelope design

Environmental noise surveys allow us to quantify the level of external noise due to road, rail, aircraft and other noise sources. Where applicable, surveys are complemented by 3D computer modelling of the built environment. The required sound insulation of fa├žade elements is then determined such that the appropriate noise levels are achieved within the building, based on the relevant guidance (e.g. Building Bulletin 93 'Acoustic Design of Schools', BS 8233: 2014, HTM 08-01, BREEAM etc). The most cost-effective approach to achieve the required acoustic performance can then be advised.

Similarly, where high levels of activity noise are expected within a building, for instance within bars, clubs, cinemas, studios and theatres, the sound insulation of the building envelope can be advised such that the subsequent external noise levels do not exceed appropriate targets.